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Inner Idea Artists

"All methods are sacred if they're internally necessary" - Wassily Kandinsky



Exhibition 2018

We had an exhibition at the Cottonwood Center for the Arts - 2018 MAIN GALLERY SHOWS. Cottonwood Center for the Arts is located at 427 E Colorado Ave., Colorado Springs, Colorado 80903. Visit their web site http://cottonwoodcenterforthearts.com. "Show included 21 IIA artists". Follow Us or Like Us on IIA FaceBook

Artists in the Show



Marta Moore


David Zehring


Peggy Zehring



Mary Sewell Cooper


Fred Bender



Maggie MacIndoe



Rena Kaplowitz


Charlotte Slade Decker


Raquel Dimond


Cheryl A. Richey


Margo Spellman


Linda Hart


Nancy Judson


Max Fain


Lavone Newell-Reim


Georgia Quick


Mary Jane Rivers


Anna Rodgers


Cheryl Telford


Kathy Kimball


Lana Thomas


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