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Upcoming Events 01-Mar-2017

Mark your calendar for our upcoming exhibition at the Cottonwood Center for the Arts - 2018 MAI..

Past Events 15-Oct-2015

Montserrat Gallery, 547 W. 27th St. New York, New York 10001, in the Chelsea District, Oct 13-31 wit..


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This exhibition was at the Cottonwood Center for the Arts - 2018 MAIN GALLERY SHOWS.
Cottonwood Center for the Arts is located at 427 E Colorado Ave., Colorado Springs, Colorado 80903.
Visit their web site http://cottonwoodcenterforthearts.com.

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Artists in the Show



Marta Moore


David Zehring


Peggy Zehring



Mary Sewell Cooper


Fred Bender



Maggie MacIndoe



Rena Kaplowitz


Charlotte Slade Decker


Raquel Dimond


Cheryl A. Richey


Margo Spellman


Linda Hart


Nancy Judson


Max Fain


Lavone Newell-Reim


Georgia Quick


Mary Jane Rivers


Anna Rodgers


Cheryl Telford


Kathy Kimball


Lana Thomas



  About Inner Idea Artists

We are a group of artists who have studied with Peggy Zehring, abstract artist and founder of The La Veta School of the Arts (LVSA), in La Veta, Colorado. We have studied with Peggy in Colorado or through the LaConner Art Workshops in The Skagit Valley near Seattle, Washington. Peggy’s teaching incorporates techniques that release each artist’s inner “idea” or “need,” in order to create a unique expression of the artist’s inner self. You will recognize the uniqueness of each artist in his or her work. We hope you enjoy and appreciate it.

Kandinsky, the father of abstract art in the early 1900s, believed that art was “true” when it expressed an inner idea. He famously said in his book, Concerning the Spiritual in Art, originally published in 1914: “The artist must…watch only the trend of the inner need and hearken to its words alone.” “Beauty is expressed from inner need, which springs from the soul.”

  STATEMENT from Peggy Zehring

"In 1977, after receiving my Fine Arts Degree from the University of Illinois - Chicago Circle, I was confused about what I had experienced there. I knew the entire school had been set up in the 1960s and 70s to carry the Bauhaus principles forward in architecture, design and fine art. I also knew that several of my teachers were so excited about it that it felt like a religious fervor had taken over the school."

"This web site - like the Guggenheim Museum in New York - is dedicated to Wassily Kandinsky and his courage to change the dialectic of art history from an emphasis on Beauty for its own sake to a conviction that Beauty inevitably follows Truth. Kandinsky believed the greatest gift artists can give to culture is their Truth which springs from an inner need to express itself."

Director - Peggy Zehring

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