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Donna Graham

"In 2005 I took an abstract art class from Artist Peggy Zehring. My hope was to free up my design techniques in tapestry, weaving, knitting and crochet. In which every stitch has to be accounted for. Learning abstract painting liberated me and helped me move away from a purely logical design approach. I've been able to utilize what I've learned in the past and blend that with new techniques, culminating in the multi-media (fiber and painting) work I do today. I also enjoy the freedom of expression with charcoal and paint. I have received several awards though the Colorado State Fair, have a permanent display at our local library and in a private collection."

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  • SALE Shattered IV - Size: 14" x 12"

    Shattered IV - Size: 14" x 12"


    Mixed Media with fiber

    Size: 14" x 12"

    Mixed Media with fiber

    Size: 14" x 12"

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