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Georgia Quick

I have been painting since the early 90’s. I paint to play, to explore, to express my dreams. Images that emerge are almost always a suprise. I often have the experience of floating above the work in progress rather than being the painter. When I paint, I feel totally out of this world. It is for me a creative active meditation. Over the years, it has been encouraging to have others enjoy my work which has been featured in numerous group shows. My work has evolved to the current color play that is inspired by nature.

Email Me , Visit my Web Site www.georgiaquick.com

  • SALE Dog Days of Summer

    Dog Days of Summer


    Size: 22” Wx 30”H, (c) 2018

    Acrylic on canvas.

    Size: 22” Wx 30”H, (c) 2018

    Acrylic on canvas.

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